Lt Heinz Grimm's
Bf110 - G4
Model Build By Ian Collis 1:24 scale
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Lt Heinz Grimm
Bf110 Model Build
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From the information received I arranged for Ian Collis to make a 1:24 scale model of Heinz Grimmís Bf110
1, Painted the interior H27 with a tiny bit of green mixed into it, dry brushing with H56
2, Rear gunner's seat has some nice PE seat belts and net which can be seen
3, Attaching the cockpit side panels and installed the gun and back
4, Showing the details of the cockpit area
5, Nose section is fully detailed and will look quite impressive when fully painted up, there are ten parts in just this section
6, Interior just about completed pilots seat installed with PE seat belts
7, General view of finished cockpit detail.
8, Heres the problem i've got to find out ! Do i use the standard painted gun barrels or replace by the ones with the muzzle on. Any pointers ?
9, Guns are nicely detailed which also has seperate bullets shutes, i do believe i've got to modify the front guns to stick out of the nose ! these don't.
10, matt coated wheels to seal in paint
11, Aerials all glued together and was very tricky to get a nice and level
12, Guns fitted.
13, Picture of the wings attached to the fuselage i'll start working on the windows now, then i'll spray a coat of grey on to it.... no wait i can't can it !! That bloody under belly gun pod..ggrrrrr
14, Finished hand made insignia
15, Exhausts fit neatly and look well, alot of people paint exhausts all different colours and is always a subject of arguements on rust colour.
16, Upper picture showing removed 'weather wash' on Port wing and untouched 'weather wash' on starboard wing
17, The finished model on its dio, showing all the details
18, The finished model on its dio
The full series of photographs showing the model build with captions by Ian Collis can be seen at
Bf110-G4 Model build.
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