The Building of Lancaster ED702
11ft Wing Remote Control
Browning 303's ...
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Have been emailing with a firm in the States, Arizona Models, Jamie will be letting me know hopefully next week on the cost of making them, they are looking at makeing the barrels and the block from laser printing resin. For them to make them Mike Houlder kindly made me the 3D CAD drawings needed.
Browning 303's
Mike Houlders great work in the 3D drawings i needed in CAD
Had a couple of pics sent by Jamie who is making the 303's for me. he does have a lot to offer the modeler. The photo's dont really do them justice, they are VERY detailed and worth every penny of the $37 each they cost (Note since publication the cost per item may have risen), Jamie added a couple of spares into the deal.
I am very pleased with then I only wish i'd found his site sooner would have saved 8 months searching and being let down. two english firms let me down, these are from the USA!! Jamies web site Arizona Models its well worth looking round.
I must add here a very big thank you to Mike Houlder for the 3D CAD drawings.
Painting of the 303’s
Ian Collis the builder of Lt Heinz Grimm's Bf110 offered to paint the 303’s for me knowing he’ll do a lot better job than I could. I didn’t refuse ( a decent bottle of scotch is on order Ian)
“Getting the effect with the guns is by painting two layers of that gunmetal spray, then two coats of thinned down black over the gunmetal ,then a 'dry brushing' of 56 aluminium, then a slight 'dry brushing' of brass around the end of the gun barrel and in the middle of the stock and painting the inside of the muzzle matt black.”
Mike Houlder's CAD drawing of the complete Browning 303
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