The Building of Lancaster ED702
11ft Wing Remote Control
Building the Tail ...
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Hand drilled the holes for the doweling glued the doweling into the tail wing (after dry fitting of course) used epoxy to glue the fins into place Also using epoxy fitted the hinges onto the elevators, need to drill and pin all the hinges into place next!
Back to work on the fuselage, beginning to build the bomb bay section, also removed the tail section makes it a little simpler to work with, on the original plan the fuselage was 1 piece, but at nearly 8ft would be a little difficult to fit in my car! So I decided to take the tail off!! This will be fixed back in place by 4 bolts .. the tail wing by a further 2 (Tail wing fixing is part of the original design)
Been working on the tail section most of the day ...Where the tail wheel will go eventually , tail wing support, two cross members to add and drill two holes for the bolts.
Before finally gluing the supports in place .. a test fitting
Working on the fittings for the tail wing to fit to the fuselage so had to put the tail section back onto the main body section...
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