The Building of Lancaster ED702
11ft Wing Remote Control
Building the Tail ...
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Started on the tail wing. Only to find out I would also have to work on the tail section of the fuslage .. as one fits into the other. And willl have to shape a section that the tail bolts to for a snug fitting...
Have partly skinned the tail section.. having to fit the wire rod (2 mm piano wire) for the rudder control .Bent the wire for the rudder's just need to add the support for the servo and finish the skinning **Note for any one else building this or similar ... bend the wire before building the section .. place the ribs on the wire then commence building!! damm hard bending wire in place and not damage what you have built so far!!! *. will fit the servo shortly, finish skinning .. then sand to shape. Working on the tail gunners section at same time for fitting the tail wing... underside showing the wire for the rudder fins
Working on the tail gunners section at same time for fitting the tail wing...
Finshed covering the tail section and started on the rudder fins.. I can now say this model has my blood & sweet .. no tears yet! after the knife decided to try and cut my finger off !! The middle left uncoveredd so bolts can be tightend and servos accessed ... the tail section can be removed for easy storage (if that is possible with this size of model ).
Tail Fins made from 12 mm sheet balsa with 12 mm hard wood balsa leading edge. Final outline shape completed just to complete the sanding thinning each down!... (loads of sanding on this build!!!) then connect together with hinges
Made a start on the elvevators today, managed to get them completed, will finish fitting the hinges tomorrow, and add the tail fins, this will them get a first coat of aircraft dope, ready for primer
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