The Building of Lancaster ED702
11ft Wing Remote Control
Building the Wings ...
Cut out all the wing ribs, very easy with 99% of it already laser cut, still took 1.5 hrs though! (106 parts so far) numbering them all now to make it simpler to find the right piece! will start cutting the rest out later today (fuslage) and numbering that ! just waiting on the 8' x 4' x 2" board to be delivered to I can start the build in earnest.
test fitting to see how they look, each wing stands just over 5 foot (153 cm)
All so far want a little sanding not a great deal, so that should'nt take me too long (i think)
Will add the fuslage pics to here when cut out, and numbered!

Still not decided which way to go as the the 'type' still heading for ED702 at the moment. I dont have to make final decision untill I start building the fuslage! prob i've got is my G'Uncle flew both Dams lanc and MkIII's so the choice I have is AJ-Y ED924 (617 Sqd) or EA-D ED702 (49 Sqd) Must be honest i'm leaning more towards ED702

Dont have the room to work on both wings at the same time the plan sheet is 8ft long by 3ft wide! this one sheet on the board has taken over the table completly with just enough room to get all round to work on any part. Part 2 of the wing, ribs 4, 7 & 8 needed 7 degree angle bit of maths (aint had to do that for a number of years!!) for the dihedral and the engine nacelles. all going together far quicker than i first thought!!! but loads to do yet so the build time stays as i first considered 6 - 12 mths...
With waiting on parts i've decided to leave the fuslage as is for now, I'll get back to that when i can get all the bits i'm still needing. Got back to the wings today put the two halves together took a little time to make sue i had the dihedral degree angle correct,

Dry fitted the engine nacells together and tested against the wing these will be glued tomorrow. Fitted the mounting block for the wing servo
Just about finished covering the first wing, I have left the wing tip at the moment while i decide on if i will put LED's in the tip for the wing tip lights, seeing how hard it is to make the 'glass' covering first!
Completed the first sanding will now seal with dope then sand again!.. find any holes etc to fill in,
Finally got the wings just about finished, have decided not to put lights in the wing tips, feeding the cables required through etc weight ... so now just the tips to complete. Some reason the second wing took twice as long getting it covered for some reason was a fight in its self and 4 hours sanding on each wing... i dont want to see anymore sandpaper for some time .... Aleirons to make next and fit.
Finally got the wings completed .. apart from the ailerons!! but they wont take long to put together, somereason the 2nd wing took far longer to cover and get the wingtip right.. 3rd try before i was happy! have applied a coat of dope to one of the wings (hence colour diff) will do the 2nd one next week ...(raining at the moment!!) when i can get outside!
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2nd section of wing 2, having to get some more bits i forgot so wont be starting the tail wing section yet, will move onto the engine nacelles or the fuselage, have ordered the servo's even though I have some i've decided to get new, will let the wings have a couple of days to dry fully before continuing.
Built the ailerons these will be fitted after the wings have been doped.
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