The Building of Lancaster ED702
11ft Wing Remote Control
Building the Fuselage ...
I have decided to remove the tail section, this makes it a little simpler to work with, on the original plan the fuselage was 1 piece, but at nearly 8ft would be a little difficult to fit in my car! So I decided to take the tail off!! This will be fixed back in place by 4 bolts .. the tail wing by a further 2 (Tail wing fixing is part of the original design)
Moved on to fitting the hinges to the fuselage and dry fitted the doors, pleased with the outcome and look still a fair amount of shaping on the internal side of the bay doors yet.
Work started on the bomb bay .... had to make new formers for the bomb bay, the plans have the base flat for the dams raid version.. i did'nt like this so after looking through a few of the blue prints i have managed to get the curve needed, Also finished fixing the nuts into the tail section for bolting together.
Added the centre line 2 pices of 10mm of 3mm balsa then started on the outside edge .. only to give stability.
Partly covered one end for more strenth ... then cut the spars to free the "one" piece doors.Now just to cover remaining area .. sand to shape ... & cut in half
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Bomb bay doors covered and first sanding to get the shape...Some shaping still to do in the inside
Pinned and glued the BB door hinges into place, just need to remove the excess wooden pins on the inside.
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