The Building of Lancaster ED702
11ft Wing Remote Control
Will have to decide today which i'm version i'm building, I'm still inclined to go for ED702 She was known as the Sqd Leaders personal a/c my Great Uncle flew her several times, before being shot down in Sept '43
Started covering from just behind front gunners & B/A position that area will be built up in the next couple of days to where the wings will connect ... coverd the top and started on the sides having to do little at a time with the curve i'm having to put in the balsa
Continuing to build up the sides by the cockpit the final panel will be done later as this needs shaping and bending to fit.
Not got much done been waiting on some more bits to arrive they came today, also had to work out if was possible to have operational bomb bay, weight, COG etc ... looks like its a yes!! been working on completing the fuselage the frame of it befor i have to start cutting it up to build the BB lol..... also had to add a break in the lenth as it is its over 8ft long and our car wont take that will be looking to put some of the skin on today or tommorrow, so i can work the bomb bay door lines, for the hinges thaks Lisa for the pics of VRA bomb bay saved me loads of time when you get to the UK i'll buy you a Lancaster Bomber Ale !!! or 3 Will be completing the nose section once the skin is on will be simpler for lining up and sanding down
Taken longer than I thought still working on the bomb bay floor. Also been working on the 'mainspar' boxes getting them to fit correctly with the wings square & in the right position, Thanks Lisa for the bomb bay pics now can work on the method for the hydralics for the BB, hope to get more done over the next few days.....
Building the Fuselage ...
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