The Building of Lancaster ED702
11ft Wing Remote Control
The Kit...
Got the plans and blisters a while back been waiting for the wood kits received parts 1 & 2 yesterday, part 3 out of stock at the moment!! all on hold again!! but they should have them in next week (hopefully)Plans designed by Tony Nijhuis, very detailed. (3 sheets)
Few pics of the wood packs and blisters got so far more to follow as I build her, have two options with these plans a Dams raid lanc or standard of the time will decide which later!!

Pack 3 arrived today 130 parts!!! yep I counted them all!!!!!!!! will start work on her next week still have a little time to decide if she's going to be a Dams raid or a Mk III. I have to keep the weight on this build to under 23.5lbs (10.7kg).
Preparing the parts
I had a choice to decide, which way to go as the the 'type' of Lancaster to build the Mk III or The Dams Raid version. Im still heading for ED702 at the moment. I don't have to make final decision until I start building the fuselage! problem I've got is my Great Uncle flew both Dams Lancaster and Mk III so the choice I have is AJ-Y ED924 (617 Sqd) or EA-D ED702 (49 Sqd) Must be honest I'm leaning more towards ED702.

 Not much done today, some small bits on the fuselage, spent yesterday chasing the motors was put on to someone who has built this and his advice was to go for AXI 282610 motors, they have a bit more power and are better on the batteries £76 each! though he did say if I get 4 he'll be able to sort a discount with the motor controllers at £76.50 each on top of that! (2009 prices)
Am working on some calculations at the moment for having the bomb bay operational, having to check on the weight and to make sure the C of G doesn’t get altered.

Have now decided she'll be EA-D ED702

After a short break the build is back on ... ok not so short but i have been trying to get parts in the off build time... Tried to get some .303 in scale 3 firms all said yes no problem ... all three in the states 2 folded!! one changed there mind Have found 2 more now BUT they are needing 3D Cad drawing's in 1.9 scale. Also been chasing up more crew members the two i managed toget seems to be a fluke no one seens to have 1.9 in stock and wont for some time 1.6 & 1.32 no problem

With waiting on parts i've decided to leave the fuslage as is for now, I'll get back to that when i can get all the bits i'm still needing.
Builds been moving on a quite a pace so for the first time a test fitting of all the parts... This does now show her size!
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