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Lancaster ED999

P/O C T Anderson, Sgt R C Paterson, Sgt J P Nugent, Sgt W D Bickle, Sgt A W Buck, Sgt G J Green, Sgt E Ewan,

T/o Fiskerton 2028 landing 0503 Target Duty Milan

Milan 0025 hrs 15,000 ft No cloud, smoke over target. Marker seen to cascade. Window 20 bundles off. PFF procedure very good. of utost assistance. Route good.
Part of the station ORB for 15/16 August 1943
15/16 August 1943 Milan

A force of 199 Lancasters made a concentrated attack on a now exhausted Milan, but this time as the crews returned across France the German fighters were waiting. Seven lancasters failed to return home. 49 Squadron had dispatched 8 aircraft of which one failed to return: It is believed that P/O Leslie Gospel and crew were hit by flak on their homward leg. The lancaster crashed near Rugles in France, at 02.45hrs. Two of the survived and both managed to escape back to England. Tragically one of them Sgt Philo, was later killed on ops (3-4-45) The remainder of the crew are buried at Cheronvilliers, France.
extract from
The Bomber Command War Diaries
By Middlebrook & Everitt
15/16 August 1943
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extract from
Beware Of The Dog At War
By John Ward
15/16 August 1943

199 Lancasters continued the offencive against Milan, claiming particularly concentrated bombing. 7 aircraft were lost, mostly to German night fighters which were awaiting the bombers return over France.

Minor Operations: 5 Mosquitoes to Berlin, 63 aircraft minelaying in the Frisians and off Texel and off all the main Brittany and Biscay ports, 16 O.T.U sorties 2 Wellington & 1 Stirling from the minelaying force were lost.