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Lancaster EE134

P/O C T Anderson, Sgt R C Paterson, Sgt J P Nugent, Sgt W D Bickle, Sgt A W Buck, Sgt G J Green, Sgt E Ewan,

T/o Fiskerton 0002 landing 0452 Target Duty Hamburg

Hamburg 0230 hrs 17,000 ft Glow of fires under cloud with one very large flash, estimated to the North of the target. Window 140 bundles dropped (?). Flak and searchlights inefective.
Part of the station ORB for 2/3 August 1943
2/3 August 1943 Hamburg

Bomber Command pressed on with its fourth and final attack during the battle against Hamburg when 740 bombers were dispatched in servere weather conditions.

Of the 15 aircraft sent by the Squadron all encountered thunderstormsand lightning which gave icing problems. Five crews turned back unable to climb above the thunderheads; F/O Smeaton (ED416) and crew flying J - Jonny, managed to complete a successful first sortie.
Pathfinders were unable to mark accurately and as a result the bombing was scattered; 30 aircraft failed to return but all 49's made it back to base.
extract from
The Bomber Command War Diaries
By Middlebrook & Everitt
2/3 August 1943
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extract from
Beware Of The Dog At War
By John Ward
2/3 August 1943

740 aircraft - 329 Lancasters, 235 Halifaxes, 105 Stirlings, 66 Wellingtons, 5 Mosquitoes - 30 aircraft - 13 Lancasters, 10 Halifaxes, 4 Wellington, 3 Stirling - were lost 4.1% of the force.

The bombing force encountered a large thunderstorm area over Germany and the raid was a failure. Many crews turned back early or bombed alternative targets. At least 4 aircraft, probably more, were lost becasuse of icing, turbulance or were struck by lightning. No Pathfinder marking was possible at Hamburg and only scattered bombing took place there. Many other towns in a 100 mile area of Northers Germany recieved a few bombs. A sizable raid developed on the small town of Elmshorn, 12 miles from Hamburg. It is believed that a flash of lightning set a house on fire here and bomber crews saw this and though a gap in the storm clouds and started to bomb the fire. 254 houses were destroyed in Elmshorn and 57 people were killed, some of them refugees from recent raids on Hamburg.

Minor Operations: 5 Mosquitoes to Duisburg, 6 Wellingtons mine-laying in the River Elbe, 12 O.T.U sorties 1 Wellington minelayer lost.