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Lancaster ED453

Sgt C T Anderson, Sgt R C Paterson, Sgt J P Nugent, Sgt W D Bickle, Sgt A W Buck, Sgt G J Green, Sgt E Ewan

T/o Fiskerton 2141 landing 0444 Target Duty Berlin

Bombed primary. 0104 hrs. 21,000ft Broken cloud. Vis good. T.I markers seen in sight. Bomb bursts not seen. Lake marked by P.F.F east of Berlin was seen in light of yellow flares.
Part of the station ORB for 29/30 March 1943
29/30 March 1943

329 aircraft - 162 Lancasters, 103 Halifaxes, 64 Stirling. 21 aircraft 11 Lancasters, 7 Halifaxes, 3 Stirlings - lost 6.4% of the force.

Weather conditions were difficult, with icing an inaccuratly forcast winds. The marking for the raid appeared to be concentrated but in a position which was too far south and the Main Force arrived late. Most of the bombs fell in open country 6 miles south east of Berlin. German records say that 148 people were killed in Berlin and 148 buildings were totally destroyedbut there is some doubt about the accuracy of these figures.
extract from
The Bomber Command War Diaries
By Middlebrook & Everitt
29/30 March 1943
29/30 March 1943 Berlin.

The last operation of the month was a return trip to the 'Big City'. Twelve Lancasters were offered and a take of time wasset for 18.30 hrs. The take off time was altered twice before the Squadron departed to join the other 317 heavies heading for the German capital. Weather conditions were servere with icing problems and badly predicted winds. Three of the Squadrons aircraft were forced to return early; Sgt Grumbley (ED416) and crew in J-Jonny decided to head for Wittering's long grass runway, with their airspeed indicator u/s. Sgt Miller (ED584) and crew in U-Uncle struggled with 'temporary failure' of flying controls and engines due to icing; they managed to put down at Docking. Sgt Price (ED426) P-Peter, returned with Sgt Potts his navigator feeling seriously ill.
extract from
Beware Of The Dog At War
By John Ward
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