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St. Nazaire
Lancaster ED452

Sgt C T Anderson, Sgt R C Paterson, Sgt J P Nugent, Sgt W D Bickle, Sgt A W Buck, Sgt G J Green, Sgt E Ewan

T/o Fiskerton 1953 landing 0024 Target Duty St Nazaire

Bombed St Nazaire 22.00 hours. 11,500 ft. Hazy. Identified by bearing and distance from river mouth. Target in sight.
Part of the station ORB for 22/23 March 1943
22/23 March 1943
St. Nazaire

357 aircraft - 189 Lancasters, 99 Halifaxes, 63 Stirlings, 6 Mosquitoes. 1 Lancaster lost.

3 group sent out a recall order to all its Stirlings and only 8 carried on to bomb the target. Accurate marking led to a concentrated attack by283 aircraft on the port area of St. Nazaire.

6 Wellingtons laid mines off Texel without loss.
extract from
The Bomber Command War Diaries
By Middlebrook & Everitt
22/23 March 1943
22/23 March 1943 St Nazaire.

It had been ten days since the last operation. The English weather had been at its temperamental self. The days were fine with the early spring sunshine becoming pleasently warm. but each evening low flying mist crept over the Lincolnshire countryside. On the evening of Monday 22nd the waiting was over. St Nazaire, an easy one! Harris was keeping his pledge in the war against the U-boats. Over 280 heavies made a concentrated attack on the port area of this German submarine base.
W/Cdr Slee (ED702) in his favoured Lancaster, D-Dog, led the 14 strong contingent from 49 Squadron. As the Winco arrived over the target he found that a smoke screen was in operation; four times he and his crew were coned in searchlights, and on one occasion the mid upper gunner wa hit by shrapnel in the eye. Still unable to make a positive identification, W/Cdr Slee decided tp jettison the bomb load on their 5th run over the target.

Bad weather on the return to Englan caused 8 of 49's aircraft to land away at various other airfields, but by early morning all crews were accounted for.
extract from
Beware Of The Dog At War
By John Ward
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