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Operations completed by Anderson & Crew
Anderson completed two 2nd Dickie trips with Sgt Gumbley & Crew on the 25th and 26th February
Then commenced operations with his own crew from the 12th March.
25th February 1943   Nuremberg Lancaster ED432 EA - 
26th February 1943 Cologne Lancaster ED445 EA - 
12th March 1943   Essen Lancaster ED416 EA - J
22nd March 1943   St Nazaire Lancaster ED452 EA - F
26th March 1943   Duisburg Lancaster ED453 EA - G
27th March 1943   Berlin Lancaster ED453 EA - G
29th March 1943   Berlin Lancaster ED453 EA - G
16th May 1943   Dams Raid - Sorpe Lancaster ED924/G AJ - Y
21st June 1943   Krefeld Lancaster ED702 EA -D
24th June 1943   Wuppertal Lancaster ED625 EA - B
3rd June 1943   Cologne Lancaster ED416 EA - J
8th June 1943   Cologne Lancaster ED702 EA - D
9th June 1943   Gelsenkirchen Lancaster ED999 EA - A
12th June 1943   Turin Lancaster ED702 EA - D
24th June 1943   Hamburg Lancaster JA892 EA - O
25th June 1943   Essen Lancaster ED702 EA - D
27th June 1943   Hamburg Lancaster ED702 EA - D
2nd August 1943   Hamburg Lancaster EE134 EA - H
15th August 1943   Milan Lancaster ED999 EA - A
23rd August 1943   Berlin Lancaster ED999 EA - A
31st August 1943   Berlin Lancaster ED999 EA - A
3rd September 1943   Berlin Lancaster ED702 EA - D
5th September 1943   Mannheim Lancaster ED999 EA - A
23rd September 1943   Mannheim Lancaster ED702 EA - D
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