The Search Continues
Since our visit Peter & I have been looking at the maps and all the papers I have collected with this research, we now believes ED702 may have come down a little way over from where we were on our visit in May.
Part of Peters research into the loss of ED702
Peter & Christian are planning on visiting at least two sites they have marked as possible locations at some point later in the year; they have to wait for the crops to be harvested.
*** Please Note ***

I have not included the present search information as there are in Germany as we have here in England so called “metal detectorsist” who think nothing of clearing a site to sell what they find for financial gain.
Until Uwe, Peter and Christian confirm the new site, and it is fully surveyed & cleared that information will be kept to a select few. Once that has been completed I will add that chapter here.
I must also thank Uwe Benkel and his team of whom we had the pleasure of meeting a further three members, Uwe’s wife, Marina, Christian Schwein & Peter Schreiber, for all the assistance and help they gave us in this research.
Also for all the help in Germany, we would never have completed a quarter of what we were able to do without there help. I have included only a few of the pictures I took during our visit the rest I have placed in my Photobucket for those with internet access they can be seen at Germany 2010 once there you will see on the left some headings, Crash site near Offenbach, Offenbach , Rheinberg cemetery, Rietburg clicking on these will take you to further pictures In time further headings will be added taking you to other photographs we took in Germany.

I will finally add I first started researching my Great Uncle back in 1987! With a few years rest in-between! With most of the information being collected in the last 2 years, I now wonder how long I would have taken me if we didn’t have the internet!!

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ED702 flown by we believe W/Cdr Slee circa March 1943. image 49SA
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