Possible Conclusion
From all the information gained it is now possible to work out what possibly happened in the final moments. After dropping their bomb load on Mannheim heading back on the homeward leg. Somewhere near Offenbach they were met by the night fighter flown by Lt Heinz Grimm. He attacked possibly using Schräge Musik*. Hitting the fuel tanks, they caught fire, Lancaster ED702 exploded over Insheim, and crashed into the field.

Five of the crew were recovered from the wreckage and were buried by the local Priest Revd Jakob Storck from Offenbach on the 26th Sept 1943. The other two members of the crew were possibly thrown from the aircraft during the explosion they were found later, then buried with the rest of the crew on the 28th September 1943.

In April of 1948 a team from MREU went to Offenbach to locate the crew and formally identify them all. They were then taken to Rheinberg British War Cemetery, where they rest in peace today.
P/O C T Anderson
F/Sgt W D Bickle
F/Sgt J P Nugent
F/Sgt G J Green
F/Sgt E Ewan
Sgt R C Paterson
Sgt A W Buck
Peter Spoden Luftwaffe Night Fighter ace demonstrates Schrage Musik
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ED702 flown by we believe W/Cdr Slee circa March 1943. image 49SA
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