The Search
I joined a several forums in the hope of finding some more information on how ED702 had been lost, Working with Colin at 49 Association, the AHB (Air Historical Branch) and Dr Theo Boiten, we were able to conclude that ED702 was attacked by a night fighter possibly flown by Oblt Lenz Finster in a BF110 G-4 of 2./NJG1. And crashed near Landau. The crew were buried at the local church by the local residents and The Catholic Priest Revd Jakob Storck.Oblt Finster himself was later killed on the 23/24th December of 1943 at Unteresbash 15 Km SE of Cologne, the Radar Op Fw Siegfried Beugel bailed out
Oblt Lenz Finster
Oblt Lenz Finster with his Bf110
Rev Jakob Storck
Images of Lenz Finster are from the book "Against multiple supremacy" (Gegen vielfache Ubermacht) by Gerhard Bracke.
With Thanks to Theo Boiten for the loan of his copy
I was informed by a member of one of these forums that if I look in the book "Against multiple supremacy" (Gegen vielfache Ubermacht) by Gerhard Bracke, There are several pages with some photographs of Lenz Finster. All this and then just to throw a spanner into the works I am given the email of Gerhard Bracke the author of "Against multiple supremacy" Who very kindly went through
all my research and told me that his relative Lenz Finster could not be the man I was looking for as
the radar op Siegfried Beugel had told him that in 1976 had met up with the survivors of the
Lancaster he had shot down that night a Lancaster from 103 Sqd.

Gerhard contacted Hans Ring for me and he was able to work our from his information that a Lt Heinz Grimm was our likely man, I passed this information onto Theo Boiten and from the research papers he has he was then able to confirm with very little doubt that Lt Heinz Grimm , member of the staff of the IV./ NJG (Nachtjagdgeschwader) G9+CE I, who was awarded the Knight's Cross after his death. Was the man I was looking for.On 9-10-1943 (only two weeks later) after shooting down a bomber Heinz Grimm's aircraft was hit by German AA fire and he was seriously injured while baling out, on 13-10-1943 he died in a hospital. A picture Gerhard found in the book of all wearer
of the Knight's Cross of fighter pilots
Lt Heinz Grimm. photo's Gerhard Bracke
Messerschmitt Bf 110 G4 Photo: RAF Hendon
From the information gained I have had a model of Lt Heinz Grimms Bf110 G4 build by Ian Collis
Further details of the building of this model can be seen here
Photo: Dr Theo Boiten
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